Rifle Elk/Deer Combo Hunt


Hunt Prices

6 Day Hunt

2 Hunters 1 Guide $4000 Each Person
1 Hunter 1 Guide $5200
Price Does not include license and tags
Elk/Deer Combo License deadline is April 1st
2021 Hunt dates:
Week #1 - October 23 thru October 28
Week #2 - October 30 thru November 4
Week #3 - November   6 thru November 11
Week #4 - November 13 thru November 18
Week #5 - November 20 thru November 25

Our rifle season begins the end of October and runs 5 weeks through Thanksgiving weekend.

The fortunate thing about the rifle season in this area is that the Elk and either species of deer are open at the same time in the same area. By this time the Elk rut is pretty much over, although we do hear a few bugles in rifle season.

In this area we have both Mule Deer and Whitetail Deer. Both species rut during this time, the Mule Deer earlier than the whitetail, but before close of the season both have hit their peak rut.

During the rifle season hunters could choose to hunt Elk or Deer or both. The price for the six day hunt is the same. Hunters with a Species preference on Deer should book accordingly.

WOLF POLICY: During our fall and winter months there is almost always a wolf harvest season open, whether it be archery or general.

It is possible that you may encounter a Wolf or a pack during your hunt. If a hunter has a valid Wolf license in their possession and an opportunity presents itself, a hunter may harvest a wolf at NO EXTRA COST.