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Our lodge is located one half mile off the highway and is modern, convenient full service facility. After a day’s hunt you can enjoy the hot tub and relax in our comfortable TV room. You will have a warm comfortable bed and full bathrooms. Plus we have a washer/dryer for your convenience.


Our Outfit hunts almost exclusively on National Forest. We have a huge amount of land to hunt; we are permitted in three different adjoining Ranger districts as well as a separate district to the east. The districts are the Three Rivers Ranger district, the Cabinet Ranger district, the Lolo Ranger district and the Swan lake Ranger district.


The hunts are pretty much all inclusive from the time you arrive in camp until the time you leave. Meals and lodging are of course included. Breakfast and dinner are served at the table and lunch is packed for you to take to the field. All of our hunts are fully guided, whether it is 1 on 1 or 2 on 1.

When you harvest an animal we take care of all the trophy care and meat handling. Hides, capes and horns are properly dealt with, as well as all the meat is professionally field dressed, kept as clean as possible and transported out of the field. We have a local butcher and a local taxidermist if you choose to use them. Butcher and taxidermy fees are not included in your hunt price.

We also have freezer space for hides and meat if you are planning on transporting them yourself.


All of our guides have several years of hunting and guiding experience, we realize that you have a lot of time and money, not to mention anticipation invested in this hunt and we are going to everything possible to make your hunt a safe, enjoyable and memorable success.

In the morning breakfast will be served and your lunch will be packed for you, then you and your guide will leave the lodge in a four wheel drive vehicle and head to the mountains.

Since we have such a large area to hunt the drive time from the lodge could be up to an hour or maybe five minutes. Normally we start walking in the dark with head lamps trying to be in a prime spot at daylight. You will spend the day hunting. YOU WILL NOT BE DROPPED OFF IN A STAND OR BLIND AND LEFT ALL DAY.

Sometimes we do use stands or blinds but they are not our primary method of hunting. When the day of hunting is over you will head back to the lodge to relax and have a great dinner. All of our Elk, deer and bear hunts are fair chase, (no bating and no dogs).

Also our hunts are not guaranteed. We enjoy some great public land hunting but, not everyone is successful. We do use hounds to run Mountain Lion, and we have had incredible success in the past but still will not guarantee any hunt.

Hunting here can be physically demanding. The better your physical condition the more you will enjoy your hunt and give yourself a better opportunity for success.

We cannot stress enough the importance that you be very familiar with your equipment.

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Deposit and Refund Policy:

A deposit of $ 1000.00 is required to book a hunt and reserve your spot in camp. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

If a hunter applies and is unsuccessful in drawing a license, the deposit may be transferred to another hunt or will be fully refunded. The balance of the hunt is due 30 days prior to arrival unless otherwise specified. Any Elk or Combination hunt cancelled after April 1st will still require the full balance be paid. Any Bear, Lion or wolf hunt cancelled less than 60 days prior to scheduled hunt date will still require the full balance be paid.

We recommend that hunters purchase Insurance through Travel Guard or a similar policy of your choice. Contact Sportsman Travel directly. or call 1-866-877-3241 This policy will cover your investment for whatever reason you may have to cancel, sickness, injury, etc. Clients are responsible for purchasing their own licenses and applying for their own permits.

Weare’s Outfitting will assist and provide you with detailed instructions to complete this process.

  • Weare’s Outfitting Maintains insurance as required by State of Montana Licensing Board.
  •  All hunters will be required to sign an inherent risk waver before taking the field.
  • Make all checks payable to Weare’s Outfitting, address above.
  • Feel free to call me personally with any questions or concerns. (406) 334-4519