Archery Elk Hunts


Hunt Prices

6 Day Hunt

2 Hunters 1 Guide $4000 Each Person
1 Hunter 1 Guide $5200
Price Does not include license and tags
Elk Combo License deadline is April 1st
2021 Hunt dates:
Week #1 - September 4 thru 9
Week #2 - September 11 thru 16
Week #3 - September 18 thru 23
Week #4 - September 25 thru  30

Our Archery Elk hunts take place in September during the Elk rut. This is the season that the love crazed bulls become vulnerable to being called into archery range. This is without a doubt the most exciting and active hunt that we offer.

Hunting this season requires quite a bit of walking, some days more than others. The theory is to keep covering ground until you find a bull that is responsive and susceptible to being called in.

There is no other experience like interacting with a bugling bull and watching the huge majestic animal present himself in front of you. All of our professional guides are experienced callers and archery hunters themselves so they understand what it takes to make your hunt a success.

The country we are hunting is mostly timbered, providing plenty of cover for the animals, pair that with a great genetic strain, this area produces several bulls every year between 300 and even some up to 400 inches.  If you are an archery hunter this something you must experience.

Black Bear Policy: In September the mountains can still have a health Huckleberry crop. These berries are a black bears main source of food prior to going to sleep for the winter.

Hunters booking a 1 on 1 hunt may purchase a Black Bear license and hunt and/or harvest a Bear at NO EXTRA COST.

Hunters booking a 2 on 1 hunt may do the same as long as both hunters agree.